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The following free to affordable articles books and videos have my recommendation for increasing punching and kicking power. I've tried to place as many resources as possible in here so it might take a little time to load.

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Isometric Exercises to Increase Striking Power in Martial Arts by J. Richard Kirkham

Isometrics is an old often forgotten method of increasing muscular strength. It has several advantages for increasing a martial artist or self-defense practitioner's striking power as well....


Increasing the Power of Your Reverse Punch by Kirkham


Increasing The Power of Your Roundhouse Kick by Sensei J. Richard Kirkham B.Sc.


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Step by Step Learning Martial Arts Internal Energy Strikes Ebook and NOW FREE Bonus Full Version Video by Kirkham

Both martial artists and nonmartial artists have doubled their striking power with my methods. Learn martial arts internal energy strikes with Sensei J. Richard Kirkham B.Sc. and his no nonsense method. Hit Harder Punch Harder Kick Harder Block Better by a martial arts expert with a background in Exercise Physiology and Alternative Teaching Methods.

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Self-Defense and Fear Medley of Products and Information for Martial Artists and Non-Martial Artists

With my background in both behavior challenges and martial arts, I will continue to believe defending yourself successfully has a lot more to do with managing stress and the fear factor before and during a physical attack than self-defense or martial art techiques in and of themselves. The following products and information have my recommendation to help both martial artists and everyday folks deal with the fear and stress aspect of a self-defense situation. This information will help to protect your loved one's and you possibly to an even greater degree than you're able to do so now.


Martial Arts Grip and Hand Strength Training

With Just a Few Simple Exercises, and Pennies Worth of Equipment, You Can Turn Your Hands Into Weapons of Steel. It Doesn't Matter If You Do Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Aikido, Iaido or Kickboxing - If Your Hands Aren't Strong, You Will Be Weak When It Really Counts.


The JKD Lead Punch: 101 Ways to Mastery

The JKD Lead Punch: 101 Ways to Mastery by Kip Brockett. How to use Bruce Lee's principles to better your lead punch, no matter what your martial arts style! This eBook is a manual on the Jeet Kune Do Straight Lead Punch. Step-by-step guide to add speed, get rid of telegraphic motions, create more power, and more.


Kick Harder Faster and Better with Chikara Kan, Inc.

Chikara Kan, Inc. publishers of the Achieving Kicking Excellence series of martial arts books on kicking for fighting and self-defense.


New Way to Punch Faster and Harder

Martial Artists Admit Fear that Their Punches Won't Stop a Big Attacker


Martial Arts eZines Directory

Martial arts ezines for everyone. Free ezines and newsletters for the very advanced and also free martial-arts ezines for beginners. Bruce Lee enthusiasts will especially enjoy ...


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