Self-Defense and Over Coming Fear Martial Arts One & ½ Hour Video Now in Three Different Sizes

This is the best martial arts video I have ever done that covers realistic self-defense and how to deal with the fear factor.

This previously custom made self-defense video tape, recently turned into a DVD

was made using my background in behavior modification and over 30 years of martial arts. The DVD has also been converted into a downloadable movie less than 23 megabytes! The downloadable movie will not make you look pretty when you take out your attacker in two moves or less, but it is very efficient and will get you out of the self-defense situation quickly with minimum amount of contact with your attacker.

More importantly, this martial arts video covers something I have never seen in any other self-defense video - how to take your fear and use it to your advantage. You think not being afraid is the goal in self-defense? Using your fear to make you even more powerful is your goal for self-defense.

See Free Self-Defense Sample Video Clip

Using Your Fear

With my methods in this self-defense video, your body is trained to use your adrenaline, relax, focus and become a very dangerous weapon to those that would harm you or your loved ones.

The unified block/strike was a good point. And, the placement of the strike, also a good touch. I saw that.”

See Sample Self-Defense Video Clip

Offense Defense

The self-defense downloadable movie less than 23 meg contains about 1 ½ hours of realistic self-defense techniques and drills. Taking you from basic self-defense to drills to allow you to deal with fear and adrenaline and a bonus clip of my Internal Energy Strikes Downloadable Movie!

Both experienced martial artists and people that have never stepped into a training area in their life can benefit from this downloadable movie.

In fact this downloadable movie was originally custom designed for a client with NO self-defense training whatsoever and was concerned about being too afraid to defend himself!


Your approach, was, it seemed, coming from a man who was speaking to viewers/present students in a way that made him approachable, and easily understood. This is great!

I use the same approach in classes. Students are more inclined to ask questions if they feel they can, and won't be brow beaten or made an example of for not understanding.

The unplanned circling/blocking defense, understandable. Only in rehearsed demos are things normally crisp and clean and everything look sharp.  Our videos were just made for fun, during some demos for class and such, using a bad camera. By comparison, yours look great!  

I know you. And, I also know that you're not an idiot. I saw the intention behind the production. The thoughts that went behind why you moved the way you did and the simplicity shown. Maybe I am incorrect in this, but maybe I'm not so far off as I may seem to others?

I could also tell one thing...

The man in the video, who stood there when you told him to throw some strikes... he knew something that may not have been exemplified on camera. He was unsure if he really wanted to get involved in what you were about to do. That says something to me. I've seen the same hesitation in others who were 'volunteered' to play uke for a throw by the master.

They're often thinking, "Is this gonna hurt?"


Ninjitsu Instructor 8th Dan

Advantages of The Self-Defense and Over-coming Fear Downloadable Movie Less Than 23 Megabytes

A one and ½ hour lesson packed with good realistic quickly usable self-defense and over coming fear techniques along with power increasing tips is only 23 megabytes

Because of this though the picture is small

See Sample Self-Defense Video Clip

Neck Strikes

Advantages of The New Version Self-Defense and Over-coming Fear Downloadable Movie With a Larger Picture

Easier to see the techniques, but that makes your download over 100 megabytes

Individual sample clips easily shareable and uploadable to other websites.

This version allows you to view the sample clips and full version EVEN ON YOUR POCKET PC

PLEASE – Do not share the full version of my work. This helps to feed my family.

Advantages of The DVD Version Self-Defense and Over-coming Fear

Great Picture

Don't need a computer to watch it, but you have to wait for it and it costs a bit more due to shipping and burn time.


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