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Hints for Nonphysical Educators Who Teach Physical Education by J. Richard Kirkham

For those educators forced into a situation wherein you must teach a discipline such as physical education, as a physical educator my heart goes out to you. Here are some hints and tips for teaching physical education to a large class I've picked up over the years of teaching physical education, martial arts and tutoring students with behavior challenges.


Long Term Benefits of Positive Reinforcement vs Negative Reinforcement by J. Richard Kirkham

Negative stimuli is a a temporary deterent to behavior problems and sometimes poor grades, but at what price ...?


Quick Martial Arts Business Letters

Attention Professional Martial Arts Instructors - How Would You Like To Dramatically Increase Your Enrollments, Referrals, and Upgrades in No Time Flat Using a Simple, But Powerful Marketing Strategy Thatís Often Overlooked And Misused By Your Competition? More details can be found here ....


Review for Small Dojo Big Profits for All Martial Arts Instructors Read This Before You Download

As an author with a background in martial arts, sales, and public relations I am offering a unique view on Mike Massie's Downloadable Book and I have a FREE download for you


Discover The Secrets of Teaching Martial Arts More Effectively

Are all of the martial arts teaching methods out there looking just about the same? Do all of the self defense classes feel as though they were stamped from the same mold? Do you see the same techniques and principles of instruction from martial arts school to martial arts school?


Effective Classroom Management Strategies

Discover the simple teaching strategies you can use right now to eliminate classroom management problems forever . Adam teaches a college course on classroom management. He's a brilliant teacher and he could make you an even better educator than you are now.


Tutoring and Positive Reinforcement Techniques and Methodology for all Parents and Teachers Printable Ebook by Sensei J. Richard Kirkham B.Sc.

Finally a printable ebook with tutoring techniques and positive reinforcement methods so parents and teachers can improve grades and instill self-confidence in their children and students. Written by Sensei J. Richard Kirkham B.Sc. who specializes in tutoring students with behavioral problems

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  Receive Submit and use for Content Martial Arts and Fitness Articles and Quick Tips