An Interview with Martial Arts Grand Master Dr. Deborah R. Williams 7-19-2007 Two Free Downloads Now Available

Rick: Aloha Dr. Williams Thank you for taking time from your busy schedule to grant me this interview.

DW. You are quite welcome, I consider it an honor to talk with you.

Rick: If I understand correctly you're one of the very few female martial arts Grand Masters is that correct?

DW: Could be, I really don’t know. For females to become a higher rank than 4th degree is an accomplishment, because we have to work so much harder than our male counter parts to prove we are worthy. So although I do not know how many Grand Master or Founders there are in the states that are women, I would say not many.

Rick: How long have you been in martial arts?

DW: I have been in the martial arts for 43 yrs. I began my journey on Jan. 02, 1964, in the art of Wing Chun. I still continue my journey even today, because I do not believe that a person could learn everything about martial arts even in one life time.

Rick: How did you become a Grand Master?

DW: I became a Grand Master by developing my on system. Tae Su Jutsu. Tae Su Jutsu was certified as a new and separate martial arts system on Feb. 7, 2002, by Professor James Keane founder of Keane-do Kenpo-Ken fat, and the Kajukenfu Budo Kai Kan Kenpo. Tae Su Jutsu has the honor of being a member of both the Kajukenfu martial arts family, as well s the American Freestyle martial arts family. I received 10th Dan ranking from The Unified Martial Arts Federation on Feb. 01, 2004, and I am recognized as a Founder/ Grandmaster by the International Black Dragon Society of Healing and Combat Arts. I consider it an honor to be a member of both.

Rick: Why do people need to take martial arts lessons?

DW: In today's world, there is more and more violence being reported. Everyday, it seems that it is on the rise. This is especially true for Women and Children. Because of this self defense is very important. To know enough even to get away from an attacker, could mean the difference between life and death.

Rick: There are very many popular martial arts styles out there. What makes your style of martial arts different?

DW: Tae Su Jutsu is a self-defense system. Now what I mean by that, is that it is a system strictly for self defense, and not like some schools or systems, where they also teach sport. Sport passed off s self defense is a dangerous thing. Self defense should be strictly for the street. Therefore, there should not be any sport techniques in it. Tae Su Jutsu has one thing in mind, to prepare the student to defend their lives if they have to. We do not compete in tournaments, and the fighting we do is as realistic as possible, including what is called the “what if” situations, where a person may attack you at any time, and you must defend. Tae Su Jutsu, is also a science of the body, so it goes into much more explanation of muscles used, and how they work to enhance the technique.

Rick: Where are your classes located?

DW: I am located in Smyrna GA. 12 miles NW of Downtown Atlanta.

Rick: As I understand that's a small town. This is the World Wide Web, If people want to learn your art how can they go about doing this?

DW: LOL, I don’t think 45,000+ people is a small town. Smyrna is a small city, especially compared to the size of it when I was growing up. People who live close to me, can contact me by e-mail. For others I have a book and video./DVD set they purchase.

Rick: Do the ebooks have pictures?

DW: No, they were meant to go with the video, or DVD. However, the books are so in depth in the explanation of techniques, that it is possible to learn form the book....I have already had more than one student who did have only the book, and when they came to me to take class, they did as well as those in it. Depends on the person.

Rick: What level of martial arts experience would you recommend for these ebooks?

DW: I would say a person should already be taking a class, or have a basic understanding of the martial arts in general.

Rick: If there is something they don't quite understand do your readers get free email consultations when they order your ebooks?

Absolutely, I am available to help anyone how needs help in Tae Su Jutsu, all they have to do is e-mail me at, or I will answer all e-mails as soon as possible.

Rick: Do you have any closing comments Dr. Williams?

DW: I think this system would be good for everyone. I believe that even if a person already knows another system, or is taking another system, that Tae Su Jutsu has something to offer, the beginner -through black belt.

Rick: Dr. Williams I'd like to thank you for your time. I understand you have a mother to care for and a school to run so I will not take up any more of your busy schedule

DW: Not a problem at all Rick. You and I have known each other for a long time and pleasure is always mine. Thank you for asking me to do the interview.


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