Your own WYSIWYG Webpage editor, Master Resell Rights Included WITH Additional Ways to Make Money...

What You See is What You Get Online Web Page Editor for you to make web pages or increase repeat traffic to your website. Affiliate links are in place to help you constantly make money from your repeat visitors who came to make their own web pages ON YOUR SITE!

Includes Resale Rights and Affiliate Links to help you market and make even more money

Are looking to create your own website, but don't know where to start?  Well, You just found it!  The first thing you need is a tool to create webpages your dreaming about.

Our New HTML editor is a web based editor that you use online.  Upload this small editor to your site and use it from anywhere!

All editing can be done in a WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) Visual mode just like a word Processor.  Making it simple and easy to create the web pages you want.

And, last but not least this program comes with Full Resell Rights.  You can use it and sell it, and you get to keep 100% of the Profits!

Take a Look at the Features...

This is a great html editor script that can be uploaded to a website and used online anytime you wish from anywhere.  (Only 51KB)

A Extremely convenient way to edit webpages and auction html. 

Editing is done is a Total visual (WYSIWYG) mode or, if you wish, HTML, the choice is yours. Easily switch between the two. Work with files stored on your computer. 

Instant preview too!

If you can use a Word Processor, You can Use this Editor!

You'll even Recieve A Copy of This Website to help you in reselling this product!

HTML Editor is a Great Product to use and a fun Product to Resell... and remember with the resell rights You get to Keep all the Profits!

Make Your Web Pages Come Alive With Our Easy To Use Software!  Push A Few Buttons And Generate Professional Looking Web Pages the Easy Way!


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