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The easiest and fastest way in the world to produce an affiliate webpage! Now even newbies can easily make an affiliate page for ALL AFFILIATE PROGRAMS to make the process of making money on the internet easier. The new Gold version of Affiliate Universal Page Maker gives you an important feature that had been missing in the other two versions of Affiliate Universal Page Maker...!

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Benefits of Your Resale Rights Version of Affiliate Universal Page Maker

Answer a few simple questions and you're done!

Suggested title is based on the title you gave it to help increase search engine optimization.

Resale Rights Granted! Sell this over and over for however much you like!


Benefits of Your Enhanced Version of Affiliate Universal Page Maker by Kirkham

Resale Rights version is built into the program. All you have to do to sell the resale rights version of this program is to not give away the password (my son insists on eating everyday so please do not do that)

All of the benefits above PLUS:

More content and another link is an option in the enhanced version thus increasing SEO (search engine optimization) to a much greater degree!

Affiliate Program is available for the Enhanced version thus giving you two income streams directly from this program, resale rights of the resale rights versions and a link to take orders for the Enhanced version!

New Feature: You may now add Google tracking or any other type of code at the bottom of your affiliate page easily. Learn where your sales and visitors come from so you can make more money online!


 Benefits of the Gold Level of Affiliate Universal Page Maker

Click Here See This Sample Produced by The Gold Version in under five minutes!

Resale Rights version built in.

Enhanced Version built in!

Affiliate program covers both the Enhanced and Gold version.

Automatically drops your affiliate cookie when prospects arrive on your page.

AND NOW, what you've been waiting for, what does the Gold level of Affiliate Universal Page Maker by Kirkham have that the other two versions do no?


That's right! Now, you say you don't know enough to start your own mailing list anyway so you just want the Enhanced version?

NOT A PROBLEM! Even a simple Yahoo Group, as you may have noticed I use and love, can be used as a newsletter AND be set to go out automatically!

You see, the average person is not going to buy your affiliated product the first time they visit your web page, but by providing some usable information or tools for them on a regular basis, your prospects develop faith in you, your product and then buy.

Yes it's true, vendors have their own lists they build as well, but HERE'S A QUESTION FOR YOU, if you've ever worked with the public did you ever notice how much easier it is to sell a repeat customer a product as opposed to having to get new customers all the time?


New Feature: You may now add Google tracking or any other type of code at the bottom of your affiliate page easily. Learn where your sales and visitors come from so you can make more money online!

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Wow, talk about simple way for affiliates to promote your products! The "fill in the blank" wizard made it seem too easy. When I finished, I was actually wondering if it had even worked. But I tested a link on the newly created page and navigated to the ClickBank checkout page. Sure enough, there at the bottom was my CB affiliate ID!

Keep up the good work!

Steve Weber
Weber Internet Marketing

You might also think about including some help files which offer suggestions to newbies on various ways they could use and promote the page

Do you need a website for your affiliate page maker? I just bought this and it is really easy to use, but now I'm wondering where to put my page that I just made in, yes, less than 5 minutes. Really awesome!

Thanks Rick,

Michelle D

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The Resale Rights Version is now FREE!

Added The option in the Gold Version for Adsense or other advertising or code!

Added The Gold Version for Email Capture to build future sales as well as sales today!

A FREE Ebook WITH Resale Rights is now available for download to give you the best possible advantage in the use of this program and marketing in general

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I know I know, this is a very easy program to use and designed for new people who know nothing about html or web pages, but I recently had someone complain about lack of directions (the video showed it all) and I am all about customer support so here you go.

Double click on your download

The program will automatically start

This box is the first one you see. Insert your affiliate link. Just copy and paste it from where you signed up for the affiliate program. Click OK

Another Box Will Pop Up

Insert your title and click OK.

Two Other Boxes Like This....

Will pop up one after the other asking for description and keywords. In the Gold version. The description also appears on the page.

The program will then suggest a file name based on your title thus increasing your chances of good SEO.

Click OK

The program will load your affiliate page to make sure it works. If your affiliate page redirects to your vendor's page it worked! It will ask you if your page loaded (started) correctly. Click YES if it did. NO will start you over BUT it will remember all previous information so you only have to change the information you need to change.

Clicking YES will also take you to this page and an affiliate page so you can check for more affiliate programs.

The program will also open a file explore window so you can find your affiliate page and upload it. I can help you with uploading your page if you need help just email me.

That's it! Your done in five minutes or less!

The Enhanced Version Will Now

Ask for additional information you may place in your affiliate page to increase the chances of good search engine placement.

The Gold Version

Will also ask for

Email address for your newsletter where prospects may subscribe increasing your future sales

Title for your newsletter to link it to your newsletter.

Subject line for your email

The path to your affiliate page NOT including your affiliate page. Example

Everything else will be the same EXCEPT I have designed this page for lazy marketers such as myself. Since the page doesn't go to the vendor's sales page as it drops your affiliate cookie so you get paid, it creates an iframe so your prospect can see the vendor's page, produced with your affiliate link so you get paid, below your title, description and newsletter link!

NOW you can copy and paste from the web address created by the program through the title and email the link or paste it in forums and blogs!

ONCE AGAIN your affiliate page is done id under five minutes!

Click Here See This Sample Produced by The Gold Version in under five minutes!

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Download and Order Information

Download The Resale Rights Version

Orderand Download Insantly the enhanced version to help increase your chances of good search engine placement for only $19.00. If you get the enhanced version you may request a custom version of the resale rights version with your affiliate link in the program.

Order and Download Instantly the Gold Version for only $29.00 to build sales both now and for the future. The custom version offer applies to this version as well.

Affiliate Program Covers Both Full Versions

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