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Find or submit your educational and behavior problems questions and solutions. Here you'll find printable ebooks articles forums and more. Many of the educators and authors I respresent have free newsletters and information

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In Home Tutoring Services for Oahu Residents Finally Available by Clicking Here

Due to demand, dual state certified teacher and author Sensei J. Richard Kirkham B.Sc. is once again offering in home tutoring for anyone on the Hawaiian island of Oahu. He'll once again be offering his expertise in dealing with poor grades, behavior problems and weight challenges for students.... Sensei Kirkham states he is the only tutor who wants to be fired.


Computer Whiz Helps Seniors on Oahu with Computer Lessons and Problem Solving Clicking Here

Dual certified teacher J. Richard Kirkham recently began in home computer lessons for Oahu residents specializing in teaching seniors how to use their computers and the internet....


How to Save a Picture from the Internet to Your Hard Drive Free Video


Tutoring and Positive Reinforcement Techniques and Methodology for all Parents and Teachers Printable Ebook by Sensei J. Richard Kirkham B.Sc.

Finally a printable ebook with tutoring techniques and positive reinforcement methods so parents and teachers can improve grades and instill self-confidence in their children and students. Written by Sensei J. Richard Kirkham B.Sc. who specializes in tutoring students with behavioral problems


Making Math More Fun - Math Games and Activities for the Classroom or Homeschool Education

Yes! Every child deserves to be successful and confident in Math. And now you can be the one that gives children the success and confidence that they deserve - guaranteed


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Two Free Ebooks to Brighten Up Your Classroom Lessons Plans! Click Here

Games and Activities for Languageage Teachers and Fun Starters and Fill In Activities For The Classroom. Yours for free. Just scroll down past the sales offer to the free download....


ABC of Art Skills - You Can Draw!

Tried And Tested Lessons For Teachers And Artists. Photocopyable Exercises Based On Many Workshops Taught In Schools And Universities.


Child behavior management without anger with this upbeat and effective parenting tool

Parents of ADHD/ODD Kids... Experience the Thrill of Well Behaved Kids Overnight with this One-Of-A-Kind, Powerful New Parenting Tool Finally --a breakthrough discovery in child behavior management that's guaranteed to give you well-behaved kids overnight.


Buddy Browser - Protection and Education on The Internet

Buddy Browser Is A Fully Protected Special Internet Browser And Portal Just For Children.It Has All The Security Features Needed To Protect Your Kids Online Coupled With The Best Educational And Fun Sites And Kids Content. Approved By Educators!


Effective Classroom Management Strategies

Discover the simple teaching strategies you can use right now to eliminate classroom management problems forever . Adam teaches a college course on classroom management. He's a brilliant teacher and he could make you an even better educator than you are now.


Guide to Getting the Teaching Job of Your Dreams

A Book With Information About How to Apply, Prepare, Interview for a Teaching Job. Includes Information about the Application Process, Teaching Portfolio, Interview Questions and Answers, Resumes, and More!


Covert Tactics for Getting into The Law School of Your Choice

Discover the Precise Strategies That an Average Guy, With Average Grades , From an Average University, Used to Get Into 11 of the Nation's Top Law Schools - Without Getting a Single Rejection Letter!"


Montessori Parents Guide

Learn How You Can Select the Right Kind of Educational Program for Your Child's Unique Needs


The Full-Year NoteBook System. A Must-have Organizational Resource For Homeschoolers

Join the others who have successfully planned their school year using a proven system that works! A Fresh Approach to Organizing Your Home School Curriculum


Homeschooling Secrets Revealed

Groundbreaking new book will change the way you think about your child’s education forever. Discover how simple straight A’s can be. Get the free newsletter


Homeschooling Topics and FREE Newsletters

Home School topics newsletters and information


Robot Reader Reading Games And Phonics Games

Reading Games And Phonics Games For School Or Homeschool Education - Full Color Professional Games To Print Directly From Your Computer - Print Board Games, Card Games, Bingo Games, Domino Games And More


Lazy Student's Guide to Success

Help for students who want to succeed at school or college. Improve your study techniques, learn faster, remember more and do better in exams and class.


Preschool Genius Learning Package

Over 150 Preschool Learning Tools - Preschool Learning PC Games, Preschool Videos, Educational Songs, Learning Printables, Preschool Science & Art Curriculum E-Books & More! WOW!


Learn German Learn To Speak German Rocket German

Learn German like a ROCKET with Rocket German! If you want to learn to speak German confidently and naturally in less than 8 weeks and take all the frustration, difficulty and headache out of your practice time then Rocket German is for you!


Learning Spanish Like Crazy

Learn How To Speak Spanish Easily - Just Like Children Learn to Speak Their Own Native Language


Learn To Speak Spanish | Rocket Spanish!

Learn Spanish online with our cutting edge interactive audio course plus software games.


Synergy Spanish - Learn Spanish Quickly!

Now anyone can speak Spanish. This fascinating system makes speaking Spanish as easy as stacking blocks.


Teachers | Lesson Plan on How to Write Checks | Balance a Checkbook

Lesson Plan and Exercise on Teaching Basic Check Writing Skills. 72 Page Book. Great Suppliment for Classroom Lesson.


Making Math More Fun - Math Games and Activities for the Classroom or Homeschool Education

Yes! Every child deserves to be successful and confident in Math. And now you can be the one that gives children the success and confidence that they deserve - guaranteed


The PACT Accelerated Learning System

Unlock YOUR True Brain Power Now! ... Turbo-Charge YOUR Ability to Learn Far More, Far Faster! 6 Powerful, Super Accelerated-Learning Secret Breakthrough Techniques Put YOU on an Even Footing with True Geniuses!


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Top Parenting Downloads

From child care business to parenting skills. Check out the top Parenting downloads


Submit And Sell Your Ebooks, Books and Videos Here

I find very few places where I can submit my ebooks, books, DVDs, and Videos on the net so I came up with this one.


Martial Arts Books and Ebooks

Surprise even the most seasoned fighter ... for anyone who has ever felt frustration while learning martial arts ... self defense techniques that work


Training Quotes e-Book from Learning4Good

Over 700 quotes and a dozen short tips for trainers to use.


Education Articles

Sports techniques fitness and recreation printable ebooks, shareware, freeware and equipment. Feel free to browse or submit your own


Family Parenting and Raising Children

Free newsletters and information for family matters, parenting and raising children. See the section on Education for even more newsletters and book titles


Kirkhams Ebooks Videos and Software

Feel free to browse or add your own


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Get FREE Tutoring and Behavior Solving Tips Click here. Send a blank email. When the Yahoo double check email arrives click Send or Reply after opening.