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How I Dominate the Search Engines by J. Richard Kirkham

Over the years I've developed a system for getting a high ranking on search engines. For a limited time I'm going to share this method with you BUT I'm keeping the right to stop making this ebook available if making my method public begins affecting my own sales and how I feed my family.

I've also taken the liberty of filling this ebook with clickable resources I use all the time, some of which I have never divulged previously....

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Directions for Use

I was able to shorten your book by utilizing the power of the internet. I created hyperlinks to product recommendations and articles I have published on the internet. I realize as an end user, you may feel this lessons the value of your information. Believe me when I tell you it increases the value. My methods of dominating the search engines can only be found in this book, but supporting articles may get updated from time to time. By creating links to these articles you, my reader, are guaranteed the most update information. Be certain as well to join my free forum or my free Submission Sites Yahoo group so you may be informed as to updates and free to affordable support material and software.

Addendum: At my readers requests the full version of this book contains all reading material with links to check for updates.


Setting Up Your Web Page

Read This Article

What Does a Good Sales Web Page Need? by J. Richard Kirkham

I have a background in sales and public relations which transfers nicely to the internet, which is just another form of media with the same human beings with the same wants, needs and reactions as those who read the newspaper and watch TV.

As a means of increasing my affiliate products income, as of the date of writing this,....

And this article

How to Insert Meta Tags and Why by J. Richard Kirkham

If your web page says Home, Default or the url of your website, THAT is what the search engines see and what YOUR prospective customers see when looking for your web page. Here's how to fix it....


Step One

Bulk Submissions

I know you may have heard this is useless AND in and of itself it is though I must admit to selling products using only this method, the numbers are limited.

Then Why Bulk Submissions?

It will give you backlinks and submit your site to the hundreds of minor search engines out there. Often these minor search engines are spidered by major engines and directories thus placing you in the major search engines using this method.

Note About Product Recommendations in This Book

As a bit of a programmer as well as someone with a bear of a schedule I often write or purchase programs or books which save me time. EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THESE PRODUCTS I recommend is either written and used by me or at least used by me. This isn't a bunch of crap I'm throwing at you just to make some extra money. If it's listed in here I USE IT!


Product Recommendation

I use this product everyday. Actually every night for my huge website along with my more niche marketing site

Traffic Seeker Automatic Submission Software Review and Download Information

I've never been dissatisfied with the product (for you writers and teachers yes I used two negatives).

A Secret I Discovered by Tracking My Sources

If you're not tracking your hits and sources from where your visitors find your sales pages YOU ARE MAKING A BIG MISTAKE!

Read this article from my website. An example of conveying information then supplying a product to solve the problem as opposed to simply attempting to sell the product.

Who's Visiting Your Website and Who's Buying Your Products? by J. Richard Kirkham

The Number One Problem for Internet Marketers is Not Sales It's Knowing where sales and visitors came from! "I've placed 100 classifieds and no sales!" "I've place 200 classifieds and only got one sale!" Now, if you ask those marketers where that sale came from they don't have a clue. Here's how to solve this dilemma, increase your traffic to your website or blog AND increase your sales...!

Join Book Ads Marketing Advise and Free Post Ads Forum

Upon using my program to track my hits based on my promotions I discovered the (full version only) got spidered by the search engines!

Read this article from my website.

(Full Version Only)

Recommended Product

(Full Version Only)

Easy Menu

Resale Rights

No Duplicates

Did I mention FREE...?

(Full Version Only) Basically they're throwing out their ads hoping someone will buy something from them.

Free Advertising Forums

is another bulk submit option you should incorporate into your method as I have done. Not only do you get some direct sales from other people posting ads and seeing yours, you also get spidered by the search engines by having so many backlinks from so many domains. I actually had my forum posts show up higher than my own sales page at times!

Recommended Product

Submission Sites for Ebooks Articles Freeware and Shareware Now with Monthly Free Advertising for YOU!

Aloha, I'm Rick Kirkham;

Over the years of receiving newsletters, surfing, marketing my ebooks, software and meeting my wife on line I've run across and used many excellent resources to submit my e-books, freeware and shareware. So finally after answering the same emails over and over just about copying and pasting my answer into all the emails I get with the same questions

Where can I submit my software?

I have articles where can I submit them where people will find them?

Where's some places that will market my ebooks for me?

Do you have a list of advertising forums?

I finally put this ebook of clickable submission sites together....

Join BookAds Forum so Your Promotion Will Appear in The Submission Sites Clickable Ebook

Recommended Product

Review of Forum Equalizer Software Automatic Forum Submission Software by Kirkham

Forum Equalizer takes those mundane tasks of submitting your product and service announcements to forums automatic so you have more time to do what you wish to do not have to do. Read the review before downloading ....

(Full Version Only) Shhhhhhhhhh

Another big secret! Many (Full Version Only) allow you to submit ebooks. If they insist on an exe, use my Order to Affiliate Link program and include in the zipped file. To make your zip file, use a utility such as winzip

I use a program called (Full Version Only) which allows me to submit my (Full Version Only) to over 300 (Full Version Only) submission sites. (Full Version Only) . which can be found in the file section of my Hard2FindSoftware Yahoo Group

The (Full Version Only) will make both an html and xml document. Although the xml document looks like gibberish that's the document the Pad enabled (Full Version Only) sites can read. Be sure to upload the document to your website.

We could go on and on with bulk submitters but that's only a small part of the repertoire of weapons I'm giving you to dominate the search engines. It's time to utilize the search engines themselves to increase your search engine rankings....

Joining these groups and forums will be time consuming but once it's done you'll have hundreds of thousands of people to send your information to and more important A LOT of initial backlinks.

The First (Full Version Only)

Now use these search terms for the (Full Version Only)

Refining Your Submissions

(Full Version Only)

Next Phase of Your Search Engine Campaign

Now use just your search terms for your product for the (Full Version Only)

Okay, You're Done Tearing Up The Search Engines Here's The Next Phase

Forums and Groups

Join as many of these as you can that are in your niche. You'll find most of them using the same method we discussed earlier, but you don't have to stick to that method. Take referrals from other members as well.

Give good information, learn and use your signature file. For groups such as Yahoo this is your email signature file. For forums you'll find your sig file in your profile link.

Fill out your profile. Other members will check it out and click your home page link. Give some personal information to humanize yourself, give sales information as well. Not sales information about your product in your profile, but sales information about you in relation to your product. For example:

Been in martial arts over 36 years and I still enjoy teaching self-defense. Finally I became a writer so I could share my martial arts with the world.

Notice the way I did that? Now martial arts and self-defense will come up in any search for the forum or group!

Blogs and Video Sites

Follow the same procedure as above. I've also been using Google Alerts, a free service, to help me find websites with the keywords I've selected. I usually use book titles and my last name in separate searches. This is the way I've found blogs and began commenting on blogs. Using my url whenever possible. Remember the little trick I told you about (Full Version Only). .

Get as many of your own videos to as possible to upload to video share sites. Under your description of your site place your web address along with your title and description of your product. One clever marketer I saw placed his url first on youtube so it appeared in the short description. Be sure to comment on other videos.

Another Secret Trick for Search Engine Rankings

Use your domain name as your (Full Version Only)


Twitter Myspace Facebook Etc

Yes yes they all have relevance. I especially like the microblog Twitter. You may follow me on Twitter by clicking the link. All of these sites must be worked if you want to belong to them and get sales from them. However, as discussed earlier, even just creating these sites with backlinks back to your web site has it's advantages.


As you can see this takes a lot of work. I would only consider following the complete method for important products. I would and do however, use parts of this dominating method for ALL of my products. One of the many mistakes I see beginning marketers do is spending way to much time with bulk submission. I can't tell you how many times I've seen forum posts of beginners (referred to as newbies) complaining about how many classifieds they've posted their ads in and didn't received a single sale. Think like a customer not a marketer. Where would you go to get the information you're selling? What would motive you to purchase your products? Now, follow the steps in this book as you think like a prospective customer and you'll begin to get sales through free organic search engine ranking.

Affiliates Get 50% Commission for Helping Me Spread The Word About This Search Engine Method

No, you cannot purchase this yourself and take an unearned 50% away from my family, BUT, you can easily list this on your site and follow my methods right in this book to make your order money back and then some! Honest people sign up here for free to make more money and help spread the word.


Download Information

I absolutely DO NOT want everyone to download this book. Furthermore, as previously stated, if the release of this book causes loss of income for my family due to greater competition, I will pull this book off the public digtal bookstore shelf.

However, as a dual certified teacher, I wish you the best of luck in your enterprise and I'm here to help in anyway that I can. If any of my supporting readers have any requests for material, feel free to contact me.

Download your full version of How I Dominate The Search Engines while I'm still offering it by supporting my efforts and limiting the number of downloads by paying $49.00.

Affiliates Get 50% Commission for Helping Me Spread The Word About This Search Engine Method

No, you cannot purchase this yourself and take an unearned 50% away from my family, BUT, you can easily list this on your site and follow my methods right in this book to make your order money back and then some! Honest people sign up here for free to make more money and help spread the word.


About the Author

J. Richard Kirkham with wife Jan and son Hunter at their favorite restaurant

Dual certified teacher, self-defense instructor and 30 years sales veteran His newest book is his most daring work. Giving away secrets that might make him some enemies of those already on top of the search engines for their niche. Be sure to read and read again How I Dominate the Search Engines by J. Richard Kirkham

Rick offers his sales, business and computer services both online and in business and home. 

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